A participant of the Balkan Dialogue – 2014 was awarded the Order of Friendship

27 October 2016

President of Russia Vladimir Putin decorated Serbian film director Emir Kusturica with the Order of Friendship for strengthening relations between the nations and promoting the Russian language and culture abroad. A related decree was published on October 27 on the official website of legal information.


“For a significant contribution into strengthening of friendship and cooperation between the nations, preservation and popularization of the Russian language and culture abroad, Emir Kusturica – Director of Rasta International, a citizen of the Republic of Serbia – to be awarded the Order of Friendship”, the document says.


Emir Kusturica is a Yugoslavian and Serbian film director. In May of 2014, he took part in the international conference The Balkan Dialogue, organized by the Gorchakov Fund.

Source – RIA Novosti.