A journalist in international politics of his country. Roundtable of the Academy of Journalism “Kommersant” and the Gorchakov Fund

10 July 2015

On the last day of the program, organizers of the program arranged a roundtable on the topic of “soft power” as a tool of international politics. No doubt international journalists are public diplomats to a certain extent as they make an invaluable contribution to creation of a positive image of their country, advancement of its interests and establishment of new connections among people.


Representatives from different countries, who were attending the international module of the Academy, made presentations at the event. Maria Zozulya (Kyrgyztsan), Zhulduz Almatbayeva (Kazakhstan) and Nikolay Torosyan (Armenia) were telling about what journalists could do in modern international politics, what they should and should not do. Do our colleagues have power to change anything in the modern politics? Should they speak against interests of their country? The participants of the roundtable tried to find answers to these and other questions.


The discussion ended on a happy note – eight participants of the international module of the Academy of Journalism “Kommersant” were awarded diplomas of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund.

A video report on the work of the roundtable will soon be available on the Gorchakov TV channel. Please follow our announcements!