A deputy of the State Duma of Russia: The Gorchakov Fund represents a solid basis for international cooperation

20 June 2016

Alexander Romanovich made a speech on current social, economic, political and other issues on behalf of Fair Russia at a plenary session of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.


He mentioned that modern challenges required maximum concentration of all the resources in order to protect national interests.


“And if in regards to “hard power”, we continue buttoning up the Armed Forces, in the field of “soft power”, unfortunately, we are behind our opponents”, the deputy admitted.


“When speaking about official channels of international cooperation, it is not a secret for anyone that the dialogue with the West in the modern world is to a significant extent complicated, and in many cases, as it has happened with PACE, is completely blocked”, Alexander Romanovich continued.


According to him, institutions working in the field of public diplomacy represent a serious basis. “Rossotrudnichestvo, Russkiy Mir Foundation, the Gorchakov Fund, Russian Cultural Foundation and many other public institutions, which hold activities abroad”, the parliamentarian stated.


Read the speech of Alexander Romanovich in full.


Source – official website of political party Fair Russia

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