The Gorchakov Fund invites to attend a Russian-French discussion about European cooperation

On April 14, the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund in partnership with the Franco-Russian Dialogue Association will host online discussion “Gaullist Europe of Homelands. Meaning of the Concept for Soviet and Modern European Politics” dedicated to the 130th birth anniversary of first President of the Fifth Republic Charles de Gaulle.

The idea of European unity has a history of many centuries, but only after the end of World War II, at the end of 1950s it acquired real shape and was implemented in the concept of the Gaulle’s European construction. It resulted in global changes: first, in the foreign policy of France and later in the European politics as a whole.

There is not much left from the strategic project of independent Europe of de Gaulle in the 21st century and the recent events prove that. The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated that there is a need for solidarity. Questions about importance and preservation of the Gaullist heritage and tradition are raised occasionally in the French foreign policy analysis.

During the discussion, representatives of the French and Russian expert community will share their opinions about the modern European policy, its problems and prospects of development:

  1. What was the foreign policy strategy of the Fifth Republic starting from 1958 and why  did Charles de Gaulle proclaim it “The Great Policy”?

  2. What does the French “conservative modernization” represent and how is the experience of going back to one’s own political past can be useful?

  3. How were the political paradigm and the character of Soviet-French relations transforming in 1974-1995?

  4. How can the period of transfer from "Gaullism" to the Atlanticism” be characterized and what role does the concept of “Europeanism” play for modern France?

  5. Can France become the next candidate for exit from the European Union after the United Kingdom?

The following experts were invited to participate in the discussion:

  • Dr. Evgenia Obichkina, Associate Professor at the Department of International Relations and Foreign Policy of Russia, MGIMO University;
  • Dr. Alexander Orlov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russian to France (2008-2017), Executive Secretary of the Dialogue de Trianon Forum;

  • Dr. Yevgeny Osipov, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of World History RAS, Head of the Center for International Organizations, Countries of Western Europe and US Affairs ;

  • Sergey Fedorov, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Europe RAS;

  • Dr. Caroline Galakteros, President of Geopragma, Army Colonel of Operational Reserve, expert in strategic intelligence, member of the Charles de Gaulle Foundation;

  • Eric Branca, historian and journalist, author of research paper “De Gaulle et les grands”, member of the Charles de Gaulle Foundation;

  • Paul-Marie Coûteaux, French politician, member of the European Parliament (2004-2009), author of books about Charles de Gaulle.

When: Wednesday, April 14 at 2:30 pm Moscow time.

Where: Zoom

Languages: Russian and French with synchronous interpretation.

How to attend?

  • download Zoom on your phone/iPad/computer;

  • register on Zoom;

  • register for the discussion by completing a registration form on TimePad;

  • check settings of your camera and microphone for full-format participation in the event.

Before the beginning of the discussion, you will receive an invitation to attend with a link to access the conference to your email address. In order to join the event, you can also use an ID number of the event – a 10-digit number.

The event will be available to watch live on the YouTube channel of the Gorchakov Fund (in Russian) and the Franco-Russian Dialogue Association (in French).