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24 April 2020
“The crisis involves new opportunities and a review of established concepts”: a joint discussion of the Gorchakov Club and Delevoy Peterburg
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14 April 2020
“World Order vs. Global Disorder”. Registration to participate in the online discussion of RCSC in Brussels and the Gorchakov Fund is open
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16 December 2019
The 7th Meeting of the Gorchakov Club took place in Moscow
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06 December 2019
The future in AI style: A youth session of EMERTECH-2020 was held at the Gorchakov Fund
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14 October 2019
The Gorchakov Fund congratulates MGIMO with the 75th anniversary!
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07 July 2019
The IX International Russian-Chinese Summer School has opened at HSE University
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06 June 2019
Winners of the project “Russia-Turkey. A Dialogue through the Youth”
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23 April 2019
A roundtable dedicated to prospects of Russian-Ukrainian relations will be organized with the support of the Gorchakov Fund in Moscow
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29 March 2019
Receipt of applications for participation in the XIII Diplomatic Seminar for Young Experts has almost completed
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06 March 2019
The XIII Diplomatic Seminar of Young Experts. Call for applications!
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18 January 2019
A school on development of civic awareness will be organized in Armenia – call for applications!
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05 December 2018
MGIMO has opened registration for international conference “International Uncertainty 2019”
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02 December 2018
G20: 10 years after the crisis – an expert opinion on Mediametrics Radio
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24 November 2018
The XII Diplomatic Seminar of Young Experts has ended in Kazan
25 September 2018
The School of Young Diplomats in Ryazan: Call for applications
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21 September 2018
Are two Koreas on their way to peace? A talk with an expert on Mediametrics Radio
18 September 2018
Alexey Fenenko is presenting a book about evolution of world orders
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14 September 2018
The Gorchakov Fund and Alexey Fenenko – about “The 300th anniversary of the Peace of Westphalia” on Mediametrics Radio
09 June 2018
A new book by Alexey Fenenko on history of international relations came out
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04 May 2018
The III Pyatigorsk International Model United Nations was organized with the support of the Gorchakov Fund
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03 May 2018
Transformation of international relations in the 21st century was discussed at the conference supported by the Gorchakov Fund
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22 July 2016
International conference “Russia and Turkey in the Modern System of Global and Regional Security” with support of the Gorchakov Fund. Call for applications!
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24 February 2016
Anna Velikaya: Public diplomacy as an instrument of an international dialogue
25 May 2015
The Gorchakov Fund and United World College are presenting Foreign Affairs Day in Dilijan
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22 March 2013
Russia and Georgia: is indifference a way out?