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09 November 2016
Nikita Mendkovich: Is CSTO turning into an opponent of NATO?
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20 June 2016
The Russian language is one of the recognized instruments of “soft power”. Towards results of the School on Central Asia
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08 June 2016
Aza Migranyan: What prevents Eurasian integration?
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06 June 2016
Sergey Masaulov: Russian presence is absolutely necessary in Central Asia
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02 June 2016
Nikita Mendkovich: The principle of Russian “soft power” is to communicate, but not to control
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31 May 2016
Alexey Bezborodov: Human resources are more important for logistics than investments
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25 May 2016
The School on Central Asia. Day 2. Prospects and problems of the EEU
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24 May 2016
The School on Central Asia. Day 1. Challenges facing the region
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22 May 2016
May 23. The School on Central Asia is opening in Bishkek!
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12 December 2015
Dialogue in the Name of the Future – 2015. Economy, policy, security. Discussions and comments.
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14 October 2015
Nikita Mendkovich: Tajikistan. A complicated way into the future
08 October 2015
A presentation of the book by Nikita Mendkovich “On the way to an Eurasian economic miracle” will be held in Moscow
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01 October 2015
The Gorchakov Fund supported the international conference in Dushanbe
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23 September 2015
Nikita Mendkovich: Russia will fulfill its obligations to Kyrgyzstan in the field of economy
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02 July 2015
Nikita Mendkovich: A collaborative strategy is needed against Taliban