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01 June 2020
The X International Workshop and Conference “Russia and China: History and Prospects of Cooperation” will be organized with the support of the Gorchakov Fund
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22 April 2020
“Northeast Asia: Is It on Shaky Ground?” An online discussion at the Gorchakov Fund
26 March 2020
Sergey Kukharenko: The pandemic may stimulate development of new methods of learning
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25 May 2017
Ways of economic and humanitarian cooperation between Moscow and Beijing were discussed in Chinese Dalian with the support of the Gorchakov Fund
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24 May 2017
International Scientific Conference and Workshop “Russia and China: History and Prospects for Cooperation”. Day 2. Presentations and comments
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22 May 2017
International scientific conference and workshop “Russia and China: History and Prospects for Cooperation”
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21 February 2017
Sergey Kukharenko: What will the Trump’s position on Russia depend on?
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23 January 2017
TV company Amur presented future projects of the Gorchakov Fund and the Russkiy Mir Foundation in Blagoveshchensk
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29 January 2016
The Gorchakov Fund and BRICS Business Magazine: we are starting media cooperation!
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21 January 2016
Sergey Kukharenko: The root of many issues in the EU is in dictatorship of Brussels
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27 November 2015
Sergey Kukhareko: Actions of Turkey can be interpreted as direct military support of Syrian terrorist groups
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05 November 2015
Sergey Kukharenko: Obvious pumping of hysteria by U.S. mass media
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02 October 2015
Sergey Kukharenko: Today there is no more legitimate and effective international organization than UN
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19 August 2015
Sergey Kukharenko: The situation, in which the Baltic States will be set at Russia, will hardly result in anything positive