19.01.2022 12:21:00 School of World Politics at MSU invites to attend the Winter Space School
10.01.2022 13:53:00 The National Youth Council of Russia is celebrating its 30th anniversary
29.12.2021 15:51:00 Echo of the civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina was discussed at MGIMO with the support of the Gorchakov Fund
15.12.2021 09:53:00 Call for applications: Online conference for compatriots "Looking into the Future!"
09.11.2021 11:38:00 Call for applications: BRICS International School
01.11.2021 16:03:00 Experts discussed problems of the Black Sea region under current geopolitical conditions
21.10.2021 10:46:00 The International Film Award ceremony "East – West. Golden Arch" will take place in Moscow
20.10.2021 16:05:00 Experts will discuss issues of combating xenophobia and extremism on a global scale
19.10.2021 16:56:00 Public Diplomatic Community is hosting an event in Moscow
14.10.2021 14:22:00 Roscosmos Corporate Academy implements a new professional development program in partnership with MSU
14.10.2021 11:41:00 "Diplomacy of Victory": The Young Diplomats Forum took place in Moscow
20.09.2021 18:05:00 The II International Conference on Findings of the Investigation of Events in Sarajevo and Srebrenica during the Bosnian War in 1991-1995
13.09.2021 14:54:00 The 11th International Youth Media School Studia Baltica opened in Kaliningrad
08.09.2021 11:24:00 The Russkiy Mir Foundation hosted a conference on Russian-Mexican cooperation
26.08.2021 10:41:00 Experts will discuss the present and the future of Russian-Belarusian relations in Minsk
18.08.2021 13:40:00 Call for applications: Conference on combating extremism
04.08.2021 15:47:00 Diplomatic Camp DIPCAMP opened in the Krasnodar Krai
04.08.2021 15:41:00 A meeting between leaders of the Future of the Caucasus Club and Fyodor Lukyanov will take place in Stavropol
17.07.2021 12:20:00 CIRP-2021 Summer School: The present and the future of the Balkan region
02.07.2021 13:41:00 Call for applications: International Youth School "Studia Baltica"
23.06.2021 11:05:00 Call for applications: The 2nd Summer School on Internet management
18.06.2021 21:11:00 Sergey Markedonov and members of "The Future of the Caucasus" Club discussed a sociopolitical situation in the North Caucasian Federal District
14.06.2021 17:59:00 Journalists from Central Asia are invited to apply to program "MedIATSiya"
07.06.2021 13:06:00 A Russian-Turkish forum of volunteers took place in Krasnodar with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund
24.05.2021 17:06:00 The Primakov Readings–2021 will take place in Moscow
21.05.2021 16:41:00 The Gorchakov Fund hosted a presentation of the book about Russian-German economic relations
21.05.2021 13:54:00 Call for applications to participate in the Contest of National Videos "WE"
12.05.2021 13:06:00 The Gorchakov Fund will host a presentation of the book about Russian-German relations
29.04.2021 17:38:00 Prospects of development of science diplomacy were discussed at the Gorchakov Fund
26.04.2021 10:53:00 Call for applications: CIRP Summer School – Cooperation in the Balkans
12.04.2021 12:08:00 The School of Legal Literacy for Young Compatriots opened in Armenia
02.04.2021 14:26:00 Call for applications to participate in the youth session of the Primakov Readings-2021
01.04.2021 10:43:00 Potential of the CIS youth will be discussed with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund
29.03.2021 09:58:00 Fyodor Lukyanov – about the future of the South Caucasus
23.03.2021 10:28:00 Registration for webinar “Current Problems of International Aerospace Law” is still open
01.03.2021 21:19:00 Youth of the Krasnodar Krai explored basics of public diplomacy
11.02.2021 15:58:00 Contest “SDG Youth Ambassadors of Russia” opens with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund
08.02.2021 10:51:00 Public activists from Adygea met with youth leaders from Turkey
26.01.2021 13:07:00 Call for applications to participate in the contest of analytical papers by INTELLECTUS “Rethinking Global Trends”
14.01.2021 18:23:00 The first Winter Space School “Outer Space and World Politics” will be hosted by Moscow State University
21.12.2020 13:12:00 International cooperation in the Arctic: Call for applications to attend the CIRP Winter School
14.12.2020 08:05:00 International Youth Forum “Women’s Leadership: Its Role in Social and Political Life” will be organized with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund
11.12.2020 11:51:00 The 25th anniversary of the Dayton Accord will be discussed during an international conference at the Diplomatic Academy
10.12.2020 17:01:00 The Diplomatic Academy will host a brainstorming session on normalization of relations with the West
18.11.2020 11:32:00 A Russian platform united compatriot from all over the world
06.11.2020 14:15:00 International Media School “MedIATSiya” will be organized with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund
02.11.2020 15:29:00 The XV Assembly of the Russkiy Mir will take place on November 3
20.10.2020 11:40:00 The XIV Assembly of the Russkiy Mir Foundation will take place online
04.08.2020 10:24:00 An online conference will take place as part of the project “Different Russia” with the support of the Gorchakov Fund
14.07.2020 11:27:00 “The hot summer of 1945”. A new project dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory
03.07.2020 17:11:00 Online school “Armenia and the World” will take place in Yerevan. Call for applications
09.06.2020 12:27:00 The Eurasia Global Forum – to happen: registration of volunteers has opened
09.06.2020 12:17:00 An online discussion about cultural cooperation and public diplomacy will be organized with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund
01.06.2020 12:35:00 Registration is open for the Pushkin Dictation
08.05.2020 17:44:00 ASSUL invites you to attend a webinar on “Pushkin Dictation”
28.04.2020 14:01:00 Berlek-Yedinstvo will organize a video briefing dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory with the support of the Gorchakov Fund
27.04.2020 21:08:00 “Twenty-eight moments of spring in 1945”. A project dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Vicotry was launched
24.04.2020 10:27:00 April 27 – an interview with new Chairman of the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe
17.04.2020 14:11:00 The National Youth Council of Russia invites you to participate in an interview with one of youth leaders of Africa Akhmed Bening
26.03.2020 22:51:00 Ivanovo International Online Model "United Nations"
23.03.2020 16:21:00 Member of the Gorchakov Club Andrey Trivaylo: Thank you to friends, who helped to come back to Russia
16.03.2020 13:37:00 From an idea to an opportunity: projects from Central Asia were presented in Moscow
11.03.2020 18:49:00 Laboratory of Young Analyst “MedIATSiya” invites residents of Astrakhan to attend
06.03.2020 14:27:00 Pushkin Dictation will be organized with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund
26.02.2020 09:00:00 Implementation of the project by International Unit of the Resource Center of Kuban ”Civil Society Study” continues with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund
03.02.2020 18:12:00 Problems and prospects of cooperation in the Arctic will be discussed at the Winter School in Veliky Novgorod
21.01.2020 17:05:00 International Educational Forum “Business Eurasia” calls for applications
13.01.2020 15:49:00 Call for applications to participate in the contest “Victory through the Language of New Media”
16.12.2019 14:55:00 Open discussion “Civilizations of the Near East and Central Asia” will take place in Moscow
09.12.2019 14:41:00 Registration for conference “International Uncertainty 2020” has opened
04.12.2019 12:59:00 International cooperation in the Arctic: Call for applications to attend the CIRP-2020 Winter School
19.11.2019 16:40:00 Call for applications to participate in the contest of student papers on the Middle East
18.11.2019 18:04:00 IMEMO RAS will bring together artificial intelligence experts at EMERTECH 2019
05.11.2019 19:32:00 Diplomacy from a chef: the Russian Gastronomy Week will take place in Armenia
01.11.2019 20:00:00 Results of the decade of the EU's Eastern Partnership were discussed in St. Petersburg
30.09.2019 13:35:00 The 1st International Forum of Sister-Cities of the Caspian Sea region took place in Astrakhan
02.09.2019 21:01:00 A resource center for civil society support opened in Krasnodar
12.08.2019 10:31:00 The capital of the Cossack region is hosting for the second year youth leaders from Israel and Palestine with the support of the Gorchakov Fund
05.08.2019 16:47:00 “Power game” and “security deliveries”: results of the forum “Russia – the Middle East”
01.08.2019 15:50:00 Top Middle East experts will attend an international forum in Kazan
31.07.2019 14:46:00 Student summer schools of the Russkiy Mir
24.07.2019 17:28:00 You still have an opportunity to attend the International Youth School “Studia Baltica”
15.07.2019 22:25:00 Cultural, scientific and historical ties between Russia and Turkey were strengthened in St. Petersburg
08.07.2019 20:31:00 Summer School of Journalism “Mediatsiya” began accepting applications
28.06.2019 12:59:00 The International Youth School Studia Baltica begins accepting applications
21.06.2019 13:43:00 Film forum “To Be Remembered” will take place in Rome
19.06.2019 10:46:00 The National Youth Council together with MFA of Russia announced the Dobrynin Essay Contest
11.06.2019 10:29:00 SPIEF-2019: The Association of Volunteer Centers signed agreements with Sberbank, the Roscongress Foundation and Agency for Strategic Initiatives
05.06.2019 11:03:00 The Association of Volunteer Centers has turned five
04.06.2019 16:12:00 The Youth Forum brings friends together
03.06.2019 10:17:00 “Red Carnation”: “Silver” volunteers around Russia are helping veterans
30.05.2019 15:13:00 The Gorchakov Fund will sponsor the CIRP-2019 Summer School. Call for Applications!
29.05.2019 14:58:00 A voluntary initiative on cleaning and improving the territory will take place at Peterhof State Museum-Reserve
24.05.2019 12:10:00 Members of the Organizing Committee of the contest “Volunteer of Russia – 2019” were approved
22.05.2019 11:32:00 A memorandum on development of international cooperation in the area of volunteering between Russia and Kazakhstan was signed
21.05.2019 15:09:00 Activities of Russian volunteer centers were presented at the forum in Kostanay
17.05.2019 15:34:00 A delegation from PIR Center participated in a discussion about NPT in New York
06.05.2019 10:44:00 “Silver” volunteers from all over Russia presented their best practices in the Volgograd region
25.04.2019 10:47:00 The first school on science diplomacy opened at MEPhI
22.04.2019 10:31:00 The Association of Volunteer Centers and Information and Research Center of Support to Reserve Management and Studies will organize environmental campaigns together
12.04.2019 09:18:00 The Gorchakov Fund is participating in a discussion about ideology of the Arctic exploration
03.04.2019 11:37:00 The Russian Center will open at University of Valencia
26.03.2019 15:18:00 Russian compatriots in Italy will get together at a congress in Naples
26.03.2019 11:52:00 The UN gave recognition to Russia for its experience in organizing the Year of a Volunteer: What’s Next?
21.03.2019 13:24:00 “The Key for Successful Development of the Russian Economy under the Sanctions. The Need to Support a Business Dialogue in Difficult Times”
14.03.2019 13:02:00 The XIII Congress of the Coordination Council of the Association of Russian Compatriots will take place in Naples
01.03.2019 11:11:00 Sputnik Georgia: Is there a solution for Georgian-Russian relations?
27.02.2019 14:15:00 The Russkiy Mir Foundation announced a contest in digital journalism
15.02.2019 14:12:00 The Center for Integration Prospects Studies will conduct a SWOT analysis of development of the Union State
29.01.2019 13:37:00 News from our partners: The Center for Future Design announced international youth online contest of scientific and creative papers “Horizon-2100”
26.01.2019 19:19:00 Institute “Dialogue of Civilizations” announced an essay contest about the world in 2030
24.01.2019 13:48:00 Contest “RUССКОЕ ЗАRUБЕЖЬЕ” will be organized with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund
15.01.2019 12:48:00 “The Formula of Ideal Holidays” will be calculated in Berlin with the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation
13.12.2018 10:56:00 All-British Youth Conference of Russian Compatriots in Liverpool: call for applications!
11.12.2018 18:16:00 International Integration Forum “Prigranichye-2018” has ended in Belgorod
10.12.2018 16:41:00 Call for applications to attend the CIRP-2019 Winter School
09.12.2018 19:02:00 A meeting of language and literature teachers from Russia and Mongolia will take place in Ulaanbaatar
04.12.2018 16:28:00 Forum “Prigranichye-2018” has opened in Belgorod
19.11.2018 16:20:00 Registration for international conference EMERTECH 2018 is opening today
19.11.2018 14:32:00 Ways of developing public diplomacy in Central Asia were discussed in Chelyabinsk
13.11.2018 13:54:00 The Russian-Georgian Youth Forum will take place in Moscow and Pyatigorsk
31.10.2018 13:48:00 A Primakov commemoration meeting was organized at the Georgian-Russian Public Center
29.10.2018 17:52:00 The School of Young Leaders will take place from October 29 to November 3 in Armenia
26.10.2018 16:05:00 The German-Russian Forum calls for applications to attend a conference
26.10.2018 13:42:00 The School of Young Diplomats ended in Ryazan
26.10.2018 13:25:00 The XII Assembly of the Russian World will take place in Tver on the eve of Unity Day
22.10.2018 15:18:00 A discussion of the presidential elections in Georgia was organized at the Georgian-Russian Public Center
09.10.2018 12:31:00 Economic integration of Eurasia: unique opportunities and modern challenges
25.09.2018 11:26:00 The School of Young Diplomats in Ryazan: Call for applications
18.09.2018 11:24:00 Representatives from Finland and Russia will discuss over a hundred joint projects
17.09.2018 10:53:00 The Primakov Georgian-Russian Public Center is launching a new academic year at the Russian language courses
05.09.2018 10:44:00 Chairman of the National Youth Council of Russia agreed on expanding cooperation with the UN Under-Secretary-General
03.09.2018 14:50:00 The 7th International Youth Festival of Students Learning Russian will take place in Bulgaria
27.08.2018 15:34:00 Book “Russia-Georgia. Together through the centuries” will be presented at the Georgian-Russian Public Center
22.08.2018 10:11:00 Cooperation between youth volunteer NGOs from Russia and Turkey on road traffic safety
13.08.2018 19:21:00 Applications to participate in the 1st International School of Young Leaders of the CIS States are being accepted
28.06.2018 11:56:00 A workshop dedicated to the role of youth in implementation of the goals of sustainable development will take place on June 29
18.06.2018 13:27:00 The Georgian-Russian Center organized a screening of “Going vertical” in Tbilisi
06.06.2018 10:25:00 Russian NGOs told how they solve problems of social orphanhood
31.05.2018 13:21:00 Vladimir Avatkov will give a lecture in Tbilisi and Batumi about the Turkey’s foreign policy course
31.05.2018 11:14:00 A foundation to support and develop native languages is planned in Russia
11.05.2018 12:59:00 The Russian-Georgian Public Center congratulated veterans in Tbilisi on Victory Day and organized a gala concert
24.04.2018 10:46:00 Bilateral relations from the perspective of the US and Europe will be discussed at the Russian-Georgian Center
30.03.2018 11:29:00 International conference “Historical Ties between Russia and Serbia” will take place in Lugansk. Call for applications
29.03.2018 16:13:00 A lecture about touristic potential of the country will take place at the Russian-Georgian Center
28.03.2018 13:34:00 Registration for the II Siberian SCO Model is open
22.02.2018 09:47:00 RAYU organized a screening of the documentary about the Stalingrad Battle
08.02.2018 11:04:00 Results of the 5th International Contest "RUССКОЕ ЗАRUБЕЖЬЕ-2017" were announced
05.02.2018 12:43:00 Gagarinsky Club invites you to participate in a discussion of the youth policy law
07.12.2017 13:04:00 The Black Sea Winemaking Forum at the Zagreb festival under the auspices of the Embassy of Russia
22.11.2017 11:28:00 Book presentation “The Balkan Crisis: Participants Talking”
31.10.2017 10:38:00 The Word Conference of Russian Compatriots dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Revolution is opening in Moscow
13.10.2017 12:00:00 XV Russian-German Youth Forum: begins selecting Russian participants
11.09.2017 12:48:00 The Russkiy Mir Foundation and Sustainable Development of Bulgaria are organizing an international festival of students-Russianists
17.08.2017 12:47:00 The Russkiy Mir Foundation will send children from Syria to Artek
26.07.2017 12:07:00 Days of Russian Culture will be organized in Slovenia with the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation
17.07.2017 12:56:00 The Russkiy Mir Foundation organized an anniversary festival of Russian poetry in Romania
14.07.2017 12:00:00 A roundtable on public diplomacy in the Eurasian space was held at SPBU
22.06.2017 10:23:00 A monument to Peter I was erected in Belgium at the initiative of social activists
29.05.2017 14:30:00 Registration for participation in the forum of youth organizations of the CIS member states is open
24.05.2017 12:58:00 International conference “Russian World: the Present and the Past”
10.05.2017 16:25:00 A workshop for specialists in Russian studies was held in Harbin with the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation
02.05.2017 14:29:00 RAYU launched “I remember! I am proud” campaign in Armenia
24.04.2017 14:37:00 Russian Center will open at University of Debrecen
20.04.2017 11:05:00 The Russkiy Mir Foundation presents a book by Vyacheslav Nikonov “Leadership Russian-style”
18.04.2017 11:33:00 Call for applications to participate Public Diplomatic Corps
17.04.2017 14:07:00 A contest of applications from NGOs to receive presidential grants has begun
17.04.2017 10:54:00 The National Youth Council of Russia presented anniversary collection “Space of Open Opportunities”
14.04.2017 12:42:00 The first Russian center in Iran will open in Tehran
13.04.2017 11:15:00 The Russkiy Mir Foundation expands its Russian language program
12.04.2017 11:40:00 Teachers of the Russian language from countries of the region will meet with the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation
11.04.2017 10:54:00 A charity foundation in the U.S. installed a bust of Yuri Gagarin
10.04.2017 10:51:00 The EEU common gas market. Registration is open to attend a lecture at NRU-HSE
30.03.2017 11:23:00 The Russkiy Mir Foundation will open its first center in Macedonia
27.03.2017 12:55:00 A regular reporting and elections conference of the National Youth Council of Russia was held
22.03.2017 12:05:00 The first meeting of Expert Discussion Club on Youth Policy “Gagarinsky Club” will take place in Moscow
17.03.2017 10:49:00 The Russkiy Mir Foundation took part in an international conference “Literature and Foreign Cultural Policy”
14.03.2017 10:50:00 “Immortal Regiments” in Russia and Italy agreed on cooperation
10.03.2017 10:31:00 Experts from Russia and China will discuss issues related to coupling of projects of the two countries
02.03.2017 10:18:00 International Training-Workshop “Memory and Lessons of World War II”. Call for applications!
01.03.2017 12:42:00 Board of Trustees of the Russkiy Mir Foundation listed priorities for 2017
08.02.2017 10:27:00 A procedure of registration of “socially useful” NGOs will be simplified in the Russian Federation
01.02.2017 11:05:00 International conference of Total Dictation will be held with the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation
24.01.2017 11:43:00 Registration for BRICS Youth Research and Educational Forum is open
20.01.2017 11:19:00 A NGO suggested leaders of Russia, the U.S, and China to meet in Crimea
18.01.2017 12:29:00 A new book by Yelena Ponomareva came out
21.12.2016 09:48:00 AIESEC is implementing an international project for Russian schools
29.11.2016 09:56:00 The 3rd International Teachers’ Forum will take place in Sochi with the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation
18.11.2016 10:14:00 Registration for participation in a seminar on youth diplomacy is open
02.11.2016 10:24:00 Participation of Russian NGOs in the Conference of the Council of Europe was discussed at the Civic Chamber of Russia
22.10.2016 00:32:00 Call for applications to participate in the EEU Model held by the Higher School of Economics
19.10.2016 10:32:00 Registration for the All-Russian Forum YouLead-2016 is open
17.10.2016 16:53:00 International Workshop and Conference on World War I was held in Donetsk
23.09.2016 10:57:00 The Balkan Club. Do not miss a lecture by Darina Grigorova on the Russian world in the Balkans!
20.09.2016 10:57:00 Call for applications to receive an award of the Civic Chamber of Russia “I am a citizen!”
07.09.2016 12:51:00 Yelena Ponomareva is presenting her new book at IMBF!
30.08.2016 10:10:00 A delegation to attend the World Youth Forum of Russian Compatriots is being composed
19.08.2016 10:06:00 Russkiy Mir Foundation has supported holding an international certification school in Bulgaria
18.08.2016 11:03:00 Perspektiva Foundation will be involved in promoting young NGOs in Crimea
15.08.2016 10:21:00 Mechanisms of engaging NGOs into providing social services to population will be developed on the Klyazma