15.09.2021 14:50:00 "25 years of fighting for truth": Experts discussed findings of the investigation of events in Sarajevo and Srebrenica in the 1990s
27.07.2021 19:11:00 Myths about the second Suez Canal: The Gorchakov Fund and PORA hosted a roundtable on international importance of the Northern Sea Route
27.04.2021 18:17:00 Neighbours on the northern islands: Conclusions of the Russian-Norwegian roundtable on the problems of Spitsbergen
13.04.2021 18:23:00 The Vienna Convention on Cyberspace: The Gorchakov Fund hosted an expert discussion about the digital diplomacy phenomenon
12.01.2021 18:41:00 The second wave of the pandemic in Germany: How does the civil society view the situation in the country?
11.11.2020 17:22:00 Yelena Karnaukhova: Understanding “the new Great Game” in Central Asia allows to view the region in a pragmatic way
25.08.2020 10:55:00 Vladimir Kozin: When and why will nuclear weapons be destroyed?
24.07.2020 14:12:00 The Indo-Chinese border conflict as an incentive for reflections about the modern state of the world politics
03.07.2020 17:40:00 Fulvio Scaglione: The U.S. is pushing Russia towards China in order to control Europe
25.06.2020 11:17:00 Vladimir Kozin: “Defense Space Strategy” was approved in the U.S.
04.06.2020 10:32:00 Romano Prodi: We and Europe / governmental structure and protection of businesses
02.06.2020 15:30:00 Vladimir Kozin about the signs of resumption of nuclear testing in the U.S.
02.06.2020 11:02:00 Vladimir Kozin: A decision was made in Washington to terminate another treaty on international security
22.05.2020 11:27:00 COVID-19 in Germany: What measures can the government take?
14.05.2020 10:33:00 BRICS and ASEAN in the era of the coronavirus
13.05.2020 11:12:00 Polish people in the Immortal Regiment
22.04.2020 17:27:00 Fulvio Scaglione: The Coronavirus. Who helps what?
21.04.2020 12:28:00 Bakhtier Ergashev told about potential of integration processes in Central Asia
02.04.2020 09:45:00 Washington has failed its leadership exam
01.04.2020 14:51:00 About the situation in the world due to the new coronavirus
31.03.2020 16:28:00 Fulvio Scaglione: General Kikot and the Russian plot
30.03.2020 17:00:00 Thoughts on the coronavirus: Week 2
26.03.2020 15:46:00 Yekaterina Algaer: Does the crisis in Germany open new opportunities?
26.03.2020 15:27:00 Sergey Kukharenko: The pandemic may stimulate development of new methods of learning
26.03.2020 13:38:00 What is the situation around the coronavirus in Germany?
25.03.2020 20:34:00 Coronavirus: What is awaiting tourism?
24.03.2020 16:13:00 Thoughts about the coronavirus
21.02.2020 15:10:00 Stanislav Ksenzhik: Fellowship of the Red Army and the Polish People’s Army soldiers
19.12.2019 11:36:00 Vladimir Kozin about the new U.S. military budget: its core and consequences
12.12.2019 11:41:00 Pavel Shamarov: Problems of Modern Peacebuilding. Russia vis-a-vis NATO
14.11.2019 11:49:00 Fulvio Saglione: Trump, Putin and the end of ISIS
13.11.2019 12:34:00 Vladimir Kozin: New START Treaty does not include new advanced weapons of Russia
25.06.2019 10:33:00 The U.S. threatens Iran with isolation: consequences for Armenia and its allies
24.06.2019 15:07:00 “Is reduction of nuclear costs in the U.S. a possibility”?” – Vladimir Kozin, member of the Gorchakov Club
19.06.2019 10:07:00 “The US has significantly lowered a threshold for use of nuclear weapons” - Vladimir Kozin, a member of the Gorchakov Fund
17.04.2019 14:12:00 About certain results of the 8th UN ECOSOC Youth Forum in New York
02.04.2019 19:12:00 The Gorchakov Fund shares articles by Irina Khrebet-Zaynetdinova
11.03.2019 14:46:00 Summary of the week. March 4-10: Overview of events and expert assessments
04.03.2019 14:58:00 Summary of the week. February 25-March 3: Overview of events and expert assessments
25.02.2019 16:49:00 Summary of the week. February 18-24: Overview of events and expert assessments
18.02.2019 17:21:00 The Munich Conference: “The Pan-European House needs refurbishment”
18.02.2019 14:21:00 Alexander Rar gave an interview about trends of the Munich Conference
11.02.2019 16:27:00 Summary of the week. February 4-10: Overview of events and expert assessments
04.02.2019 15:10:00 Summary of the week. January 28-February 3: Overview of events and expert assessments
28.01.2019 17:31:00 Summary of the week. January 21-27: Overview of events and expert assessments
21.01.2019 15:56:00 Summary of the week. January 14-20: Overview of events and expert assessments
14.01.2019 15:53:00 Summary of the week. January 7-13: Overview of events and expert assessments
20.12.2018 15:40:00 A collection of papers based on results of a joint conference of the Gorchakov Fund and IRAS was published
17.12.2018 17:00:00 Summary of the week. December 10-16: Overview of events and expert assessments
07.12.2018 13:10:00 A speech by Italian journalist Fulvio Scaglione at the Dialogue in the Name of the Future-2018
03.12.2018 16:48:00 Summary of the week: November 26-December 2. Overview of events and expert assessments
26.11.2018 17:00:00 Summary of the week. November 19-25: Overview of events and expert assessments
14.11.2018 13:40:00 Florin Luca: Titulescu’s Lessons
12.11.2018 17:06:00 Summary of the week. November 5-11: Overview of events and expert assessments
01.11.2018 13:50:00 Vladimir Putin: The volume of Moldovan wine in the Russian market is constantly growing
29.10.2018 17:45:00 Summary of the week. October 22-28: Overview of events and expert assessments
22.10.2018 15:40:00 Summary of the week. October 15-21: Overview of events and expert assessments
17.10.2018 12:24:00 Andrey Bezrukov: Russia can be a world leader in justice
15.10.2018 18:07:00 Summary of the week. October 8-14: Overview of events and expert assessments
08.10.2018 15:08:00 Summary of the week. October 1-7: Overview of events and expert assessment
01.10.2018 14:23:00 Summary of the week. September 24-30: Overview of events and expert assessments
28.09.2018 16:39:00 About the Crimea and around: Notes by an Italian tourist
28.09.2018 14:35:00 While the Moldovan government is looking to the West, wine is going to the East
24.09.2018 17:28:00 Summary of the week. September 17-23: Overview of events and expert assessments
21.09.2018 11:14:00 “Serving the Muses bears no… what?”. Experience of civil service in the Russian Empire
18.09.2018 12:44:00 The way to a diplomat’s heart – through national cuisine: an interview with Leonid Gelibterman
17.09.2018 20:03:00 Summary of the week of September 10-16: Overview of global events
10.09.2018 13:06:00 Results of the week of September 3-9: a review of events and expert assessments
05.09.2018 13:52:00 Alexander Konkov: Not everything has been “cemented” in Europe according to assessments from Russia
20.08.2018 10:45:00 Time of people’s diplomacy. Head of the Summer Diplomacy School – about the project sponsored by the Gorchakov Fund
13.08.2018 18:42:00 Akop Gabrielyan: The pillar of public diplomacy in Russia in consolidation of multi-vectorism
23.07.2018 10:05:00 Honorary lecturer of the Russian-Chinese Summer School: “I would like to mention the constant support of the Gorchakov Fund”
16.07.2018 12:01:00 Franco Frattini: The U.S.-Russian summit can become a beginning of lifting sanctions
26.06.2018 10:36:00 Rizzat Yelyubayev: It is vital for the countries in Central Asia to present a united front
13.06.2018 09:43:00 Fedor Lukyanov: The main question for the West is whether G7 will survive?
09.06.2018 15:04:00 A new book by Alexey Fenenko on history of international relations came out
31.05.2018 12:16:00 Alexander Wolters: We are interested in what Russian researchers think on regional integration
28.05.2018 13:42:00 Akop Gabrielyan: Russia never hits first, but acts always in response: and here are 8 historical reasons why
24.05.2018 11:52:00 A class for sad optimists. Mikhail Shvydkoy is summarizing results of the Potsdam Meetings
11.05.2018 10:57:00 Alexander Konkov about US plans to develop mass media in Central Asia: “The soft power is working”
23.03.2018 11:55:00 Florin Luca: Opinions about good neighborly relations between Romania and Russia
19.03.2018 13:06:00 Dumitru Prunariu: Cooperation between Bucharest and Moscow has old traditions
13.03.2018 13:16:00 Ulyana Bezhenar: A Contribution by the “South Slavic” Pupil of the Peter’s Nest into Development of the Balkan Policy of Russia and the Liberation Struggle of the Slavic Nations against the Turkish Depression in the 18th Century”
12.03.2018 13:41:00 Victoria Arutyunyan: The Balkan problem before and now. What would have S. Raguzinsky said?
05.03.2018 14:14:00 Vladislav Andreyev: Russia and the Balkans. How a personality makes history
14.02.2018 11:06:00 A perspective from the Czech Republic: Collapse of the western liberal democracy is inevitable
07.02.2018 10:14:00 Dmitry Kosyrev: If “stagnant power” exists
05.02.2018 13:04:00 Mass media or social media? People do not know who to trust
11.01.2018 09:55:00 Alexey Fenenko: The United States and Russia are moving towards closing the media space
12.12.2017 11:58:00 Elena Sidorova: 2017. Russia through the eyes of the French
07.12.2017 12:15:00 Rizzat Yelyubayev: Achieving consensus between Russia and countries of the post-Soviet space in evaluating the revolutionary events of 1917
14.08.2017 13:36:00 Thomas Graham: Washington, DC and Moscow should balance their relations on the background of global chaos
14.08.2017 13:30:00 The American massacre: what the tragedy in Charlottesville teaches us
20.07.2017 11:14:00 Mass media: Back to Yugoslavia?
20.07.2017 11:06:00 Konstantin Kosachev: The time for retaliation measures has come
11.07.2017 01:51:00 European expert: a dialogue between Putin and Trump was more productive than the whole G20
07.07.2017 13:46:00 Putin and Trump will “match strength” in Hamburg: western media about the G-20 summit
03.07.2017 20:21:00 Expert: Uzbekistan cannot go back to full membership in CSTO
16.06.2017 11:40:00 NI: America should quit the regime change policy
02.06.2017 12:21:00 An opinion: Russia will win by reconciling India and China
02.06.2017 12:03:00 Mass media: G7 has almost ceased to exist
02.06.2017 11:56:00 A point of view from London: NATO on the edge of reevaluation and review of architecture of the block
30.05.2017 11:17:00 Mass media: Germany will have to capitulate to the U.S. again
29.05.2017 13:31:00 Orientalist: growth drivers have run low in China
29.05.2017 13:26:00 Strategist: What does the victory of Hassan Rouhani mean for Iran and the world?
29.05.2017 13:19:00 Ambassador: Spain and Russia should cooperate more closely in non-sanction industries
17.05.2017 10:31:00 Timofey Borodachev: Immersion and interlinkage
12.05.2017 15:28:00 Expert: While global leaders are arguing, terrorists are arming themselves
10.05.2017 14:17:00 Sergey Lavrov: They should understand that the time of relations “student-instructor” has passed
04.05.2017 09:47:00 Americanist: All that remains for Trump is just to make some noise
03.05.2017 11:01:00 Brexit: A feast of European predators?
28.04.2017 11:25:00 An Orientalist: the Bologna process
26.04.2017 12:25:00 A perspective from France: The price for Macron’s victory will be known in summer
24.04.2017 13:30:00 A perspective from Sweden: Restore a peaceful dialogue with Russia
24.04.2017 10:44:00 Europe: asthenic syndrome
17.04.2017 10:47:00 Results of the Turkish referendum: What has Erdogan achieved?
17.04.2017 10:36:00 A perspective from Spain: Russia gets beaten and becomes stronger
14.04.2017 11:48:00 Americanist: We will not be able to switch right away
14.04.2017 11:12:00 Brexit: There is no sense to pretend that it is a happy day
13.04.2017 11:08:00 Australia needs to stop following the U.S. – National Interest
13.04.2017 11:00:00 Orientalist: DPRC and Syria cannot be compared
11.04.2017 11:08:00 Experts: Trump has deepened the split
05.04.2017 10:58:00 Mass media: They do not want Britain with Gibraltar to leave the EU
04.04.2017 11:03:00 Mass media: North Pole neighbors cannot be chosen
30.03.2017 10:28:00 Expert: The United Kingdom can repeat the fate of the USSR
28.03.2017 10:19:00 Valentina Matviyenko: Development of an effective system of European security without Russia is impossible
27.03.2017 10:17:00 Le Pen: The European Union will die because people do not need it anymore
27.03.2017 10:02:00 Parliamentarian: Election of Dodon demonstrated Moldova’s support of rapprochement with Russia
23.03.2017 11:15:00 Italian admiral: Refugees are brought to Europe by international NGOs
22.03.2017 11:14:00 Germany and Trump: a dead-end of misunderstanding?
22.03.2017 11:02:00 A point of view from Italy: It is good that Russia got back its greatness
16.03.2017 10:31:00 A perspective from Sweden: it is time to restore contacts between sister-cities
16.03.2017 10:22:00 A perspective from the U.S.: Why does everybody, except NATO, live happily with Russia?
14.03.2017 10:35:00 A Polish rebellion in the European Union?
13.03.2017 10:40:00 East Asia: Will Russia be able to make friends in Southeastern Asia?
10.03.2017 10:23:00 A perspective from Spain: “Europe without borders” is dead
10.03.2017 10:15:00 Polish government: The EU is in deep crisis
07.03.2017 11:22:00 Mass media: Do the British want a “cold war”?
06.03.2017 10:37:00 Expert: What should Russia expect from Emmanuel Macron?
28.02.2017 10:24:00 NI: A demand to return Crimea to Ukraine is an example of American hypocrisy
27.02.2017 10:41:00 A point of view from the Czech Republic: To move to constructive diplomacy
21.02.2017 10:19:00 10 years since the Putin’s speech in Munich: they should have listened
21.02.2017 10:09:00 A point of view from Norway: Crimea is Russia
17.02.2017 11:48:00 Russian-Japanese relations and the Kurils. A perspective from Tokyo
17.02.2017 11:37:00 Trump should take a balanced approach in relations with Iran – National Interest
16.02.2017 10:11:00 Sergey Karaganov: The EU is challenging a much stronger partner in the name of Russia
10.02.2017 10:40:00 Experts on events in Romania: Discontent was waiting for a reason
08.02.2017 10:38:00 Ambassador in China: Cooperation of Moscow, Beijing and Washington, DC is needed and entirely possible
31.01.2017 11:13:00 NI: What flaws of the U.S. foreign policy will Trump need to correct?
31.01.2017 10:52:00 Europe: A new empire of Charles the Great or new Argentine?
30.01.2017 12:35:00 Mass media: Baku, Yerevan and Tbilisi need “three different Trumps”
25.01.2017 10:20:00 A point of view from France: Now is the time to turn right!
23.01.2017 13:28:00 Orientalist: There are no madmen in Pyongyang or Seoul
23.01.2017 13:10:00 Theresa May: To get Britain out of the EU in the harshest possible way
20.01.2017 11:25:00 Nobody will be able to restore G8 – an opinion
19.01.2017 12:29:00 National Interest: U.S. imperialism is harmful for them as well
19.01.2017 11:58:00 Forbes: To leave the cold war behind
18.01.2017 12:06:00 The Nation: What are U.S. accusations towards Russia fraught with?
18.01.2017 10:21:00 A Bulgarian journalist: Lost the cold war together with Russia
16.01.2017 10:13:00 Russophobia. Two centuries of “falsifications” - a perspective from Italy
12.01.2017 11:17:00 What challenges will face a new head of the Department of State? A perspective from the U.S.
10.01.2017 13:08:00 Ambassador of Vatican to Russia: It is important to develop common perception with your people
27.12.2016 10:19:00 The Ochakov crisis: public diplomacy in 1791
23.12.2016 11:00:00 A perspective from the U.S.: New York Daily News has crossed the red line
07.12.2016 10:21:00 A change of eras is taking place within western elites – an opinion
05.12.2016 12:45:00 Italy is becoming another European problem – mass media
29.11.2016 09:30:00 Advisor to Tsipras: Greece will not participate in a “cold war” against Russia
29.11.2016 09:17:00 El Economista: The West is facing a decline
22.11.2016 09:40:00 The Strategist: In the world of Trump the EU will end up alone
21.11.2016 12:59:00 A perspective from across the ocean: Will Russia stop being the “favorite enemy” of the U.S.?
18.11.2016 10:27:00 Correction of US-Russian relations. A perspective from the US
18.11.2016 10:05:00 A historian: Islamization of radicalism has taken place
18.11.2016 09:49:00 Trump makes Europe put on boots – an opinion
15.11.2016 09:48:00 Mass media: European diplomacy has failed a trump-test
14.11.2016 10:07:00 “Soft power” of China and how to measure it
14.11.2016 09:58:00 WSJ: Russia will get new allies after elections in Moldova and Bulgaria
09.11.2016 10:32:00 Guardian: Why has the West made “an arch villain” out of Russia?
02.11.2016 10:18:00 MFA of Serbia: If required to make a choice, we will stay with Russia and not with the EU
27.10.2016 11:17:00 Will a trio become a quintet?
26.10.2016 09:57:00 A point of view from overseas: The presidential elections have killed the US foreign policy
25.10.2016 12:40:00 National Interest: The US foreign policy is threatened by American arrogance
24.10.2016 14:00:00 Mass media: Great Britain starts falling down
21.10.2016 13:32:00 Expert: The EU summit has demonstrated a change of heart of Europe towards Russia
19.10.2016 14:52:00 British media: A visit by Patriarch Kirill was not political
18.10.2016 11:15:00 Simonyan: RT will work despite its bank accounts being frozen in Great Britain
14.10.2016 13:24:00 Guterres: Russia and the U.S. are key countries in the world, they need to get closer
11.10.2016 15:20:00 An analyst: absence of a common policy towards Russia in the European countries raises fear
10.10.2016 11:00:00 Konstantin Kosachev: Russia has become an object of disagreements between the government and the opposition in the West
07.10.2016 11:23:00 The Strategist: Problems of multipolar Europe
07.10.2016 11:07:00 Mass media: How can Moscow help Teheran?
07.10.2016 10:46:00 An orientalist: We write the Kurils, but think China
07.10.2016 10:38:00 The EU against Russia: Are new sanctions possible?
04.10.2016 11:27:00 Mass media: Tokyo is not worried about the “Crimean issue”
22.09.2016 11:40:00 Experts: Tashkent will not make “a vow” to anyone
16.09.2016 10:53:00 In order to keep itself together, Europe needs to change - an opinion
15.09.2016 10:56:00 Italy: The Russia’s strongest weapon is soft power
14.09.2016 10:21:00 Mass media: Budapest is brawling, but staying in Europe
09.09.2016 10:02:00 Mass media: Belarus has acted like a brother
02.09.2016 10:56:00 Chatham House: The EU should either change or disappear
02.09.2016 10:50:00 Schroder: Europe needs strong Russia, the U.S. – a weak one