16.06.2021 10:31:00 Scientists from 37 countries will discuss problems of the Arctic population
16.06.2021 09:54:00 "Expert's Opinion": Gevorg Mirzayan about results of the Putin-Biden summit
15.06.2021 09:34:00 June 15 is the birthday of Prince Alexander Gorchakov
14.06.2021 17:59:00 Journalists from Central Asia are invited to apply to program "MedIATSiya"
11.06.2021 16:05:00 "The region stopped being united and monolithic: Stanislav Pritchin about the new "Big Game" in Central Asia
10.06.2021 12:45:00 "Expert's Opinion": Stanislav Pritchin about the new "Big Game" in Central Asia
09.06.2021 17:38:00 Between economy and ecology: The Gorchakov Fund hosted an expert meeting on the green global agenda
07.06.2021 15:41:00 The Gorchakov Fund will host an expert discussion on the green agenda of international relations
07.06.2021 13:06:00 A Russian-Turkish forum of volunteers took place in Krasnodar with the media support of the Gorchakov Fund
04.06.2021 11:01:00 About characteristics of the national humour: The Gorchakov Fund hosted a presentation of the book by satirical novelist Mikhail Mishin
02.06.2021 15:00:00 "Expert's Opinion": Alexander Losev about countries and monopolies under conditions of globalization
02.06.2021 14:03:00 Does economy depend on politics? CIS experts ended a round of discussions about areas of cooperation
01.06.2021 19:36:00 Sustainable development without "reinventing the wheel": Results of the roundtable on the agenda of the Arctic Council
31.05.2021 17:14:00 The Palestinian-Israeli conflict: history and resolution prospects
30.05.2021 12:45:00 The Gorchakov Fund wishes Mikhail Shelkov a happy birthday!
29.05.2021 12:00:00 The Gorchakov Fund will host a presentation of the book by satiriсal novelist Mikhail Mishin
28.05.2021 12:31:00 CIS experts will discuss cooperation in the areas of economy and digitization
27.05.2021 18:14:00 The XVI Diplomatic Seminar of Young Experts ended in Moscow
27.05.2021 17:57:00 Artem Dankov in the "Expert's Opinion show": Will China and Central Asia have "the same destiny"?
26.05.2021 18:13:00 Day 2 of the Diplomatic Seminar: About the situation in Asia and the Middle East
26.05.2021 16:55:00 Experts from Central Asia discussed regulation of migration flows
26.05.2021 13:13:00 "Expert's Opinion": Artem Dankov about China's plans for Central Asia
25.05.2021 17:45:00 Day 1 of the Diplomatic Seminar of Young Experts: Security and events in Eastern Europe
25.05.2021 15:32:00 The Gorchakov Fund and Project Office for the Development of the Arctic will host a roundtable on Russia's chairmanship of the Arctic Council
25.05.2021 08:29:00 The Gorchakov Fund wishes Ruben Vardanyan a happy birthday
24.05.2021 17:06:00 The Primakov Readings–2021 will take place in Moscow
24.05.2021 16:24:00 The XVI Diplomatic Seminar of Young Experts opened in Moscow in a hybrid format
24.05.2021 15:41:00 A roundtable on the problems of migration in the EAEU and the CIS will take place in Bishkek
22.05.2021 14:30:00 In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the London Conference: A conference on global politics took place in the Crimea
22.05.2021 13:54:00 Young inventors from the EAEU discussed topics of cooperation in Veliky Novgorod
21.05.2021 16:41:00 The Gorchakov Fund hosted a presentation of the book about Russian-German economic relations
21.05.2021 13:54:00 Call for applications to participate in the Contest of National Videos "WE"
20.05.2021 19:58:00 Maria Lagutina at the "Expert's Opinion" show: Is the Arctic a region of peace or confrontation?
19.05.2021 17:01:00 The EAEU Assembly of Young Inventors will take place with the support of the Gorchakov Fund
19.05.2021 16:22:00 "Expert's Opinion": Maria Lagutina about Russia's chairmanship in the Arctic Council
18.05.2021 17:48:00 Exiting the "escalation spiral": The XXV Potsdam Meetings took place in Berlin
18.05.2021 16:23:00 Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s address to participants of the XXV Potsdam Meetings
17.05.2021 12:40:00 Prospects of European cooperation will be discussed at the Potsdam Meetings
15.05.2021 09:48:00 Potential cooperation between the EAEU and other countries of the post-Soviet space was discussed in St. Petersburg
14.05.2021 19:22:00 Sociopolitical aspects of development of Russian regions under crisis conditions were discussed at School “Teach Fish to Swim – 5”
13.05.2021 20:34:00 Artem Sokolov at the "Expert's Opinion" show: "Russia does not need to be legally represented by Berlin anymore"
12.05.2021 14:34:00 "Expert's Opinion": Artem Sokolov about Russian-German relations
12.05.2021 13:50:00 Scholars from Russia and China discussed areas of cooperation under conditions of the pandemic
12.05.2021 13:06:00 The Gorchakov Fund will host a presentation of the book about Russian-German relations
06.05.2021 11:27:00 The XVI Diplomatic Seminar of Young Experts: Deadline for applications has been extended!
03.05.2021 11:19:00 The Gorchakov Fund wishes Mikhail Prokhorov a happy birthday
30.04.2021 18:22:00 A Russian immigrant, who became a hero of France: Summary of the lecture by Olga Barkova about Irene du Loire
30.04.2021 13:09:00 "We cannot be proud of our past without making it present": Alexey Fenenko at the "Expert's Opinion" show
29.04.2021 17:38:00 Prospects of development of science diplomacy were discussed at the Gorchakov Fund
29.04.2021 12:46:00 "Expert's Opinion": Alexey Fenenko about the anniversary of the Encounter at the Elbe
29.04.2021 10:19:00 The Gorchakov Fund wishes Yevgeny Primakov a happy birthday
29.04.2021 09:44:00 The Gorchakov Fund continues its series of lectures about women of the Russian Immigration
28.04.2021 18:32:00 “Area where all are partners”: The Gorchakov Fund hosted a discussion about global cybersecurity
28.04.2021 14:05:00 The Gorchakov Fund will host discussion “Global Internet: Space of Threats or Space of Opportunities?”
28.04.2021 13:31:00 Data portal “International Relations Experts” was launched with the support of the Gorchakov Fund
27.04.2021 18:17:00 Neighbours on the northern islands: Conclusions of the Russian-Norwegian roundtable on the problems of Spitsbergen
27.04.2021 11:15:00 A series of roundtables on preservation of historical memory will take place with the support of the Gorchakov Fund
26.04.2021 18:33:00 Call for applications: Grant contest of the Gorchakov Fund for Eurasian foreign youth
26.04.2021 17:53:00 Environmental activists took part in the workshop sponsored by the Gorchakov Fund
26.04.2021 10:53:00 Call for applications: CIRP Summer School – Cooperation in the Balkans