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22.12.2020 Conference "2020: Preliminary results" (in partnership with MIRNaS and ISAN)
17.12.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Alexandra Ogneva on results of Germany's chairmanship in the Council of Europe
10.12.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Tigran Oganesyan on human rights
04.12.2020 Lecture by Italian Ambassador to Russia Pasquale Terracciano
03.12.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Vasily Veselov about the Day of the Unknown Soldier
30.11.2020 Online discussion “Between the centrifugal force and the integration force: The future of the European integration during the pandemic”
26.11.2020 Laboratory of Historical Memory “World without the UN”
25.11.2020 Presentation of the book by Alexey Fenenko "History of International Relations: 1648-1945”
19.11.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Dmitry Semenovsky on the Rodchenkov Act
13.11.2020 Roundtable “The Balkans as a geopolitical hotspot: Old problems – new crises”
12.11.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Leonid Sviridov about current events in Poland
05.11.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Maxim Suchkov about the US elections
30.10.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Alexander Raar on if the world crisis will become an opportunity for peace
28.10.2020 Roundtable “Russian-Moldovan relations: Present state and prospects”
23.10.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Petre Mamradze about the parliamentary elections in Georgia
23.10.2020 Roundtable “Strategic partnership between Russia and Belarus under conditions of global turbulence"
15.10.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Bozidar Kenzevic about the first "colour revolution"
12.10.2020 The Gorchakov Fund at CFDP Lecture Center: “World Order: Cancellation, Repair or Rebuilding?”
08.10.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Sergey Kukharenko about the current events in China
07.10.2020 Online presentation of the report “The EAEU in publications of top western think tanks in 2019”
01.10.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Gevorg Mirzayan about the symbol of the year 2020
24.09.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Andrea Gianotti about the 75th session of the UN General Assembly
17.09.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Vitaly Sumsky about the place of ASEAN in modern international relations
11.09.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Ruslan Mamedov about the balance of power in the Middle East
03.09.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Aleksey Fenenko about the importance of World War II
27.08.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Alexander Losev on how much the world will pay for the pandemic
20.08.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Rostislav Ishchenko about technologies of protests and revolutions
14.08.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Alexey Sarabyev about the crisis in Lebanon
11.08.2020 Online lecture “Rossotrudnichestvo: At the cutting edge of humanitarian work on the exterior”
06.08.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Victor Mizin - 75 years since Hiroshima
30.07.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Dmitry Lortkipanidze about Georgia-2020
29.07.2020 “One train – different speeds of the carriages". Results of the EU summit
28.07.2020 THE TIME OF PUBLIC DIPLOMACY. Roman Silantyev on the interconnection between destructive sects and the Maidan
23.07.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Vitaly Smirnov about the experience of the Moscow Olympics - 80
14.07.2020 THE TIME OF PUBLIC DIPLOMACY. Dmitry Kamynin about the digital apocalypse
09.07.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Andrey Miller about the construction of Nord Stream 2
08.07.2020 Major Aspects of Development of the Union State
03.07.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Aleksey Maslov about the National Security Law of Hong Kong
03.07.2020 The future of the post-Soviet conflicts
30.06.2020 THE TIME OF PUBLIC DIPLOMACY. Kirill Semenov on the partition of Libya
29.06.2020 28 years of Russian-Belarusian diplomatic relations – results and prospects
28.06.2020 The Primakov Readings online 2020. Session 5
26.06.2020 THE TIME OF PUBLIC DIPLOMACY. Rustem Safronov - about the faded "American dream"
25.06.2020 Rethinking the European security in the post-coronavirus period
24.06.2020 Theater after the pandemic: A long road to the audience
23.06.2020 Arms control after the pandemic: What will be the new strategic reality?
18.06.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Fyodor Lukyanov about the destruction of monuments
17.06.2020 Media after the pandemic
16.06.2020 An international element of the strategy for development of the Arctic until 2035: Opportunities and threats
12.06.2020 EXPERT'S OPINION: Igor Putintsev "Russophobia in Romania"
10.06.2020 Russia in the new bipolar world