Frequently Asked Questions
When can I apply for a grant?

Applications are accepted twice a year:

From January 15 up to and including February 15 for projects to be implemented in the 2nd half of the current year (“the first call for applications”);

From July 15 up to and including August 15 for projects to be implemented in the 1st half of the next year (“the second call for applications”).

Each organization can submit no more than one grant application every 6 months. Applications submitted only during the application period will be accepted.

How to submit an application?

Starting from January 15 of 2021, the Gorchakov Fund has implemented a new procedure for submitting applications. Applicants will be able to submit their applications using an electronic form available in their personal account on the website of the Gorchakov Fund. The applicants should complete all required fields of the application, download a package of constituent documents, a front page of the project, a conformation of the submitted application and click on “Submit Application”.

Who can participate?

Russian, foreign and international non-profit and non-governmental organizations and partnerships, civil society organizations and associations may apply for the grants. Their activities should be associated with foreign policy and international relations. Detailed information can be found under section “Requirements to Grant Applicants” in the Grant Provision Statutes.

Can universities apply for grants?

No, since universities are state/private institutions, to which the Gorchakov Fund cannot provide financial support. However, the Gorchakov Fund can accept applications from NGOs that mention universities as their project partners in the applications.

For what amount can a grant be requested?

First of all, the budget of the project should be consistent with its content, be reasonable and justified. Besides, availability and amount of co-financing of the project and its consistency with the scale of the project will be taken into account.

In what currency will the Gorchakov Fund provide the funds?

The funds will be issued in Russian rubles; however, foreign organizations may receive the funds in US dollars or Euros.

What expenses can be covered?

An estimate of expenses to be covered by the Fund may include: travel to/from the event, accommodation, meals, transfers, rental of the room and equipment for the event, and distribution materials. Detailed information is available in the Instructions on Completing the Application under Section 6 “Budget of the Project”.

When does implementation of the project begin?

The project should be implemented according to the calendar plan provided in the application. The process of signing an agreement with the Gorchakov Fund usually begins 2-3 months in advance of the event.

How to find out about the decision on the application?

Information about the decision will be published on the website of the Fund and the application status in the personal account will change to “Contest Winner” or “Project not Supported”.

Can the application, which was not selected, be submitted again?

Yes, however, in order to do so the applicant should copy the application under “My projects”, after which a new application will be created automatically where changes can be made. Before submitting the application, we advise you to study the Grant Provision Statutes of the Gorchakov Fund and the Instructions on Completing the Application and update the application in accordance with those documents, Also, we advise you to participate in the Training Sessions for NGOs organized annually by the Gorchakov Fund.