Caucasus Dialogue

The Caucasus Dialogue is an open international platform for exchange of opinions on the global politics and international relations matters of importance to the Caucasus. 

Experts in Caucasian studies from Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, and Southern Ossetia participate in the project. The experts analyze interests of large international players in the Caucasus and consider economic projects for the Caucasus countries, prospects for energy and humanitarian cooperation.

The Caucasus Dialogue is called to become a platform for constructive discussions, which in the future can serve as a basis for a discussion of existing regional problems and prospects for cooperation on a higher level. Participation in the project will bring new meetings with interesting and enthusiastic people, give a chance to acquire excellent professional experience and result in many positive impressions.

Who can become a participant?

  • young foreign affairs experts, political scientists, economists, lawyers, journalists;

  • representatives of NGOs focusing on international cooperation and public diplomacy;

  • young diplomats, public figures and governmental officials;

  • postgraduate students specializing in the above mentioned areas.

Major requirements:

  • knowledge of Russian;

  • age group: 23-35;

  • interest in the Caucasus region;

  • a proactive approach to life and a wish to develop professionally;

  • availability of publications on the topics associated with the Caucasus regions is an advantage.

Terms of participation:

  • the Gorchakov Fund will cover accommodation in double rooms, meals, transfer from the airport to the event venue and will provide visa support to the citizens of Georgia;

  • the participants are responsible for their own travel expenses to/from Mineralnye Vody;

  • at the end of the forum all participants will receive certificates.

How to apply?

In order to participate, the applicants should complete an application form of the Gorchakov Fund and attach a photo (face photo, light solid background, vertical position), a signed recommendation letter with the contact information, and a motivation letter in a free format.

The program in previous years

2013. Expert of the Gorchakov Fund: The Caucasus is a castle and a bridge between the East and the West

2014. The Caucasus Dialogue in Nalchik opened with a lecture “The Caucasus in the area geopolitical interests of Russia”

2015. The Caucasus Dialogue - 2015. Day 1. Regional trends and threats to security

2015. Sergey Markedonov at the Caucasus Dialogue: Keys from the Nagorny-Karabakh conflict are in Baku and Yerevan

2015. The Caucasus Dialogue – 2015. Day 2. A religious factor among threats to security

2015. The Caucasus Dialogue – 2015. Day 3. How to create one’s own mass media

2016. The Caucasus Dialogue. Day 1. Conflicts in the region and ways to resolve them

2016. Gyulnara Mamedzade: The world has stopped being safe for a long time

2016. The Caucasus Dialogue. Day 2. An interconnection between the Caucasus and the Middle East

2016. The Caucasus Dialogue - 2016. Opinions and comments      

2017. The Caucasus Dialogue – 2017. Day 1. Geopolitical processes, media policy and the role of public diplomacy

2017. The Caucasus Dialogue – 2017. Day 2 and 3. Development of confidence-building measures

2018. The Caucasus Dialogue – 2018. Day 1. Internal and external problems of the South Caucasus

2018. The Caucasus Dialogue – 2018. Day 2. The Caucasus in media space

2019. The Caucasus Dialogue – 2019. Day 1. About interests of Russia and external players

2019. The Caucasus Dialogue – 2019. Day 2. “Not about love, but survival