Balkan Dialogue

The Balkan Dialogue is an annual project of the Gorchakov Fund, which has established itself as a platform where experts from Russia and the Balkans exchange opinions and share experiences.

The Balkans provide space for open cooperation, which should become a guarantee for stability and security in the region.

The goal of creating the platform of the Balkan Dialogue is to establish an open dialogue between experts and young professionals in foreign affairs, economics, issues of security associated with international journalism, and representatives of academic communities of the Balkan Peninsula.

The agenda of the Balkan Dialogue includes plenary sessions, open lectures, roundtables, sessions, and meetings.

Who can participate?
  • young professionals in foreign affairs, policy, economy and history of the Balkan region;
  • NGOs activists involved in international work and focusing on the problems of public diplomacy;
  • representatives of local and regional self-governing bodies and government agencies;
  • undergraduate and graduate students, faculty instructors of field-specific faculties;
  • journalists writing about problems of the Balkan region.
Main requirements to participation:
  • knowledge of Russian or English;
  • age group: 20-35;
  • an interest in the Balkan region;
  • a proactive approach to life and a desire to develop professionally.
Availability of publications on the topics of the Balkan region is an advantage.

Terms of participation:

The Gorchakov Fund will cover the cost of travel to the event and back, accommodation and meals.

How to apply?

In order to participate, applicants should complete an application form of the Gorchakov Fund, attach a photo (face photo, light solid background, vertical position), a signed recommendation letter with the contact information, and a motivation letter in a free format.

The program in previous years

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