“Time for Public Diplomacy”. Alexey Fenenko – about the Angela Merkel's visit to Russia

04 May 2017

TV show “Time for Public Diplomacy” is on the air of the Gorchakov TV channel again!


Well-known Russian expert, Associate Professor of the Faculty of World Politics at Moscow State University and member of the Gorchakov Club Alexey Fenenko is summarizing results of the recent visit to Russia by Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and her meeting with Vladimir Putin.


What is the symbolism of an effort by Moscow and Berlin to renew the dialogue on the eve of the Victory Day? What should Germany do to restore the status of a superpower? What deal did Berlin offer Washington, DC three years ago? Who and why for the third time in the history is pushing Germany towards a conflict with Russia?

This and much more – in the show “Time for Public Diplomacy". Watch on the Gorchakov TV channel.