Film premiere: Members of the Gorchakov Club made a film about ascent of Elbrus

06 April 2020

In September of 2019 Alexey Tokarev from MGIMO headed an expedition to the western peak of Mount Elbrus. Together with his colleague Adlan Margoyev and other members of the team he made a film about their ascent and shared it for the first time on their YouTube channel “Safety and Madness”.

Tokarev is telling the audience how to climb Elbrus safely. He talks about acclimatization rules; history of ascents (not conquests!); about those, who were protecting the mountain during the war; those, who beat the records; those, who save those, who place foolishness and bravado above the rules; and those, who do a low-quality job by taking a cab to the mountain.

“We made that 48-minute film to make it easier for you to understand: there are no guarantees of the ascent. It is important to remember that while reading unsafe advertising from unscrupulous commercial guides on the Internet. Alpinism is not about climbing at any prices, but about coming back safely in good health and about the skill to turn around, even friends, or be turned around, even by a friend”, says Tokarev. Spoiler: not all the team was able to reach the top.

Polyana Azau and Florence Grove, Priut-11 and Kilar Khashigov, Stary Krugozor station and a night stop in a tent, Shakespeare and a teapot in a civilization, Pastukhov Rocks and a climb to the top, powerlessness and stubbornness, mountains and life. These words will make new sense after watching the film.

Wishing you successful ascents!